On April 14, Weathernews launched the 24-hour weather information program "LINE LIVE Weathernews" on the live distribution platform "LINE LIVE" of "LINE".

The service was originally scheduled to start in late April, but it is said that it started urgently on the night of the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake in response to the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake.

The program is available 24 hours a day from the Weathernews Forecast Center and can be viewed from within the LINE LIVE Life Channel. Normally, weather forecasts and seasonal news will be delivered, but for the time being, in response to the Kumamoto earthquake, we plan to provide mainly information on earthquake bulletins, damage status, weather around the disaster area, and disaster preparedness.

The company also opened the official LINE account "Weathernews" (@wni_jp) on April 21st. Notify you of the latest weather news such as earthquake / tsunami information and heavy rain by message. To use it, after starting "LINE", search for "@wni_jp" in the ID search in "Add friend" and register.