On April 22, the "April Lyrids meteor shower" will reach its peak. How is the weather on the day? According to the Weathernews special site, there is a chance to see meteors in a wide range from northern Kyushu to Tohoku.

■ What is the weather on April 22nd?

According to Weathernews' special site "April Lyrids Meteor Shower 2016", clouds tend to remain near Honshu from the night of the 22nd to the dawn of the 23rd because the south bank low pressure has left, but it is wide from northern Kyushu to the northeast. It is said that there is a chance to see meteors in the range.

(Image from Weathernews site)
(Image from Weathernews site)

A starry sky can be expected in the northern part of Tohoku, which is far from the low pressure and fronts. However, in Hokkaido, clouds are likely to spread in the eastern and northern areas of Hokkaido. In addition, it is expected that meteor observations will be difficult in southern Kyushu and the vicinity of Okinawa due to the rain from the front.

For the latest weather, see the company's special site for PCs "April Lyrids Meteor Shower 2016", the smartphone site " Lyrids Meteor Shower !! ", and the smartphone app "Weather News Touch" "Starry Sky Ch. Please confirm with.

■ Where do you see it?

The peak of this year's "April Lyrids meteor shower" is around 15:00 on April 22nd. Therefore, the best observation opportunity is from the night of the 22nd to before the dawn of the 23rd.

(Image from Weathernews site)
(Image from Weathernews site)

"Lyra" with a radiant point is a constellation including "Vega" known as the Orijo star of Tanabata. "Vega", along with "Altair" in Aquila and "Deneb" in Cygnus, is a star that forms the Summer Triangle and is bright and relatively easy to find. The radiant point of the "April Lyrids meteor shower" is located slightly to the right of this Vega.

■ Live broadcast of meteors on a special site

On the night of April 22, the company will broadcast the "April Lyrids Meteor Shower" from two locations nationwide. The broadcast can be viewed from the Weathernews special site and YouTube. The 24-hour live program "SOLiVE24" operated by the company will not be broadcast.