What comes to your mind when asked how to use a drone? Some may have imagined that a drone was used to check the damage situation in the disaster area. Some may say that the footage of the fireworks was impressive. Practical application is likely to be a little ahead, but some people should expect an emergency drone that delivers AEDs to fallen people and floats to drowning people. Maybe some golf lovers think of Rakuten's "Sora Raku," which delivers drinks at the golf course.

Startup Zero Zero Robotics decided to use a drone instead of a camera tripod. The "Hover Camera" being developed by the company is a device that can be called an invisible tripod, and it takes pictures and videos while floating in the air using drone technology.

For example, let's say three people go on a trip and take a commemorative photo at a tourist attraction. In that case, one of them will be sacrificed to press the shutter, catch a passerby and ask for a picture, or stand a tripod or attach a gorilla pod somewhere to take a self-timer picture. Will choose.

If you have a "Hover Camera" in such a case, you can take a commemorative photo very smoothly. Simply take it out of your bag, switch it on, float it in a suitable location for shooting, and let go. The shutter can be controlled with a smartphone.

"Easy commemorative photo" was realized by the "easy-to-carry design", "high safety" and "function specialized for commemorative photo" of "Hover Camera".

When you carry it, you can fold the "Hover Camera" in half. The size when folded in half is 182 x 132 x 32.5 mm, which is a size that can be easily carried in a bag. It weighs only 238 grams.

The blades were housed in a carbon fiber cage. According to Zero Zero Robotics, the "Hover Camera" is safe to grab with bare hands during flight. There is no need to use the remote control to stop the rotation of the blade and land it.

As a function specialized for year-end photography, there is a tracking function using face recognition. Once recognized, the "Hover Camera" will automatically continue to move to the best location to shoot the person. This is a technology that realizes "Is it a little more right ...? Ah, I went too far. Stop there!", Which often happens in commemorative photos.

The camera is controlled by a smartphone. You can switch between the 13-megapixel still image shooting function and the 4K video shooting function. It also supports 360-degree panoramic shooting.

Looking at the "Hover Camera", I feel that there are still many ways to use drones. For example, why not use a drone for an e-reader such as Kindle or Kobo? You don't have to hold it in your hand for a long time, and it seems to be convenient when reading in the bath.

"Hover Camera" is a device that inflates such an imagination (delusion?). Will it sell? Is a little doubtful, but it gives us a feeling that new products inspired by this will continue.