Father's Day
Dad, I'm waiting for you.

June 19 is Father's Day. It is an annual event, but for some reason, it seems to lack the excitement of Mother's Day. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Iris Oyama, 60% of the respondents celebrated the previous Mother's Day, while less than half celebrated Father's Day.

Even when it comes time to celebrate, many people may pass without knowing what to do. We would like to see what real fathers have to say about Father's Day, based on a survey conducted by Iris Ohyama's web magazine, "Iris Living Convenience Navi".


fathers want their children to do for Father's Day is to give them presents.
The most popular item on the list of what fathers want their children to do for Father's Day is to give them presents, at around 40%. The top two items were "treating him to a meal out" (11.8%) and "treating him to a home-cooked meal" (11.3%), indicating that many people would like to share a meal with him.

What I want you to do for Father's Day
Letters" also ranked in fourth place.

When we further examined "gifts given/wishes given" from both sides, "alcohol" was the most popular gift for both. On the other hand, the second most popular gift was "clothes," while the second most popular gift was "hobbies," indicating a slight gap between the two. For those who live apart from their mothers, it might be a good idea to secretly ask them about their recent hobbies and what they are into.

Gifts I want for Father's Day
What I gave/wish I had for Father's Day."

Incidentally, most of the desired budgets were under 5,000 yen. It's not about the amount, it's about the action!

The word they

want to be told is "Thank you."

In addition, "Thank you" ranked first in the "Words I want to be told on Father's Day" category with 588 votes. It was followed by "Otsukare-sama" (364 votes) and "Be well forever" (297 votes).

Words I Wish I Could Say on Father's Day
Can you say that on a daily basis?

Words of gratitude and appreciation are always appreciated by fathers who work hard for their families. If you are shy, send him an e-mail or a letter.

Surprising gifts are appreciated?

The site also has the following heartwarming episode (free answer).

A child came to pick me up at the station with two siblings. They were all smiles when they found me! (Male, over 50s)

"When I asked my father what he wanted, he said, 'I want to go on a date with my mother at Disneyland.... My father begged my mother to go with him, but when she returned, she was in a good mood. It was a dream world, and she seemed to enjoy the feeling of being in love like when she was young. In the end, my mother's smile was the best gift I could give my father." (30s, female )

What you want is not necessarily something tangible. It's not too late to think about what your father would like.

The survey was conducted on 2,852 members of Iris Living Convenience Navi. The survey period was from April 14 to 26, 2015.