Robophone to balance

The mobile robot phone "RoBoHoN" announced by Sharp in April. Along with its release, a limited-time cafe "RoBoHoN CAFE" where you can interact with Robophone opened today (May 26) in Aoyama, Tokyo.

Robophone with small round eyes and cute eyes. It is equipped with various functions other than calling, but the most attractive thing is that you can have a "conversation". I've always been interested in it, so I visited the opening event.

● Ginkgo-lined cafe transforms

The location of Robophone Cafe is "Royal Garden Cafe Aoyama" in the row of Icho trees in Meiji Jingu Gaien.

Royal Garden Cafe Aoyama
That open terrace shop

During the period, in addition to the Robophone exhibition, if you ask the demonstrator, they will show you a product demo. There are also three types of collaboration menus.

Robophone Cafe Original Menu
Robophone art for latte

● What is the appeal of Robophone?

Sharp and Robophone were developed by Tomotaka Takahashi, a specially appointed associate professor at the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo. "Robophone is a communication robot that is an extension of the smartphones we are used to. I believe that one day, as the next terminal for smartphones, we will realize a future in which each person has a Robophone," he said at the event. He was talking about the outlook.

Robot creator Tomotaka Takahashi
Mr. Takahashi talking with his own Robophone

Sharp people also carry Robophone

After the event, I also met Robophone. The body of about 19.5 cm is smaller than I expected, and it certainly makes me want to take it anywhere. Below, I will briefly introduce what you can do with Robophone with images and movies.

Can you take me on a trip?

The basic functions are the same as for mobile phones, such as calling, emailing, and shooting with a camera. It is operated almost only by exchanging voice.

Transformed to make it easier to call

Recognize the owner's face and shoot

Images and videos taken can be projected using the laser projector on the head.

Robophone projector
If you project it on the wall, it can also be used as a mini theater

In addition, they will dance, sing, give quizzes, and deal with you all the time upon request. Each gesture and facial expression is really cute.

Dancing Robophone

Robophone who is not good at singing

While I was touching it, I completely wanted it, but the suggested retail price of Robophone is 198,000 yen (excluding tax). Separately, you need to subscribe to various communication plans. I think it's reasonable considering that the iPhone costs 100,000 yen, but I wonder if I can still get a handle on it ... But will one day come the time when one such robot is commonplace in the family? It's exciting to think about it!

RoBoHoN CAFE is open until June 7th. The store is located at Royal Garden Cafe Aoyama, 2-1-19 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Business hours are from 11:00 to 23:00.

I'm waiting ~
RoBoHoN CAFE: Royal Garden Cafe Aoyama
Address:2-1-19 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo