Nameplate with illustration of cat "Nekozukan" Nyan bill ""

The cat-illustrated nameplate "Nekozukan" Nyan-fuda "" is now on sale. You can appeal to your neighbors that you like cats.

Nameplate with illustration of cat "Nekozukan" Nyan bill ""
Nya who can appeal the paws to the neighbors

"Nekozukan" Nyan Fuda "" is a product created in collaboration with "Seal Hanko SHOP Hankozu", which planned "Nekozukan", and a nameplate maker. A cat illustration of "Nekozukan" is engraved on unglazed tiles.

The material of "Nekozukan" Nyan Fuda "" is unglazed tile
The unglazed tiles are handmade

Two types are available: a square "Masashikaku" and a rectangular "Nagashikaku". "Masashikaku" is engraved in the center, and "Nagashikaku" is engraved with a cute cat illustration on the left side.

"Cat book" Nyan bill ""

An example of a long-standing "cat book" Nyan bill ""
Long time ♪

There are 5 color variations on the nameplate. There are 16 types of cat illustrations. All the illustrations are the same as those used in "Nekozukan".

All 16 types of illustrations of "Cat Zukan" Nyan Fuda ""
If you have a large number of animals, you may want to choose "G", "N", or "P".
The font of the name part can also be selected from the same 8 types as "Nekozukan".

"Cat book" Nyan bill "" font
If it's a nameplate, is it "O" or Nya?

For details on prices and purchasing methods, refer to the online shop of "Inkan Hanko SHOP Hankozu".