Deep sea fish pouch "extreme"

"Extreme" has been added to the popular pouch series that allows you to carry deep-sea fish. The "final edition" of the deep-sea fish pouch series following the "basic edition" and "advanced edition". Not only is the lineup of the ultimate deep-sea creatures enviable, but it also has practicality.

Four types of "Leptocephalus", "Senbeidaco", "Frilled Shark", and "Yeti Lobster" have been added in "Extreme". Of these, "Leptocephalus" can also be used as a smartphone case.

"Extreme" and "Leptocephalus" on the deep-sea fish pouch
"Leptocephalus" that can also be used as a smartphone case.

The transparent body is made of transparent material, and the bones are printed.

"Eh? Hidden? There is no such thing. I'm showing you everything!"

The material used was one that allows touch operation of the screen while the smartphone is still in it. In addition, by printing the bones on only one side, the smartphone screen is easy to see.

Use "Leptocephalus" as a smartphone case
An (♪)

"Frill shark" reproduces the feel of the woven fabric "Rasha", which is the origin of the name, with tweed fabric. Even 6 pairs of gills like red frills, which is a characteristic of frill sharks, are finely and realistically created.

"Frill shark"
Sawasawasawa ...

The inside of the mouth is a material that can also be used as a screen cleaner. You can wipe your smartphone or glasses.

The mouth of "Frill shark" is a screen cleaner
Fugu, Fugu, Fugu Ruriru (♪♪)

"Senbeidaco" is a deep product recommended for people who are no longer satisfied with the major deep-sea creature "Mendako". The fins and legs that look like cat ears, and the tactile sensation of Funyan Funyan are reproduced with a stretchable material.

Funyan Funyan

"Senbeidaco" uses stretchable material

"Yeti Lobster" is the name given to it because it has fluffy hair like Yeti's "Yeti". The fluffy feeling was expressed with faux fur. The pattern on the back with a smile is also reproduced.

"Yeti Lobster"

It looks like a charm with a hook on the arm and can be used by hanging it on a bag.

"Yeti Lobster" usage example
Good job!

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Deep sea fish pouch series "Extreme"
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