PUTITTO Osomatsu-san

"PUTITTO Osomatsu-san" was released on May 26th by Kitan Club. You can sit or hang a six-piece hoodie wearing a "pine hoodie" on the edge of a cup.

"PUTITTO Osomatsu-san" Osomatsu-san
"PUTITTO Osomatsu-san" is now on sale! Sit the six children on the edge of the cup

"PUTITTO Osomatsu-san" Jyushimatsu-san
Enjoy hanging around

This product is a mini-figure that reproduces the six children that appear in the anime "Osomatsu-san". The six-child characters shown in the anime, such as "Choromatsu" looking at the job magazine and "Ichimatsu" with Espa Nyanko on their heads, are modeled as they are.

"PUTITTO Osomatsu-san" Choromatsu-san
"Choromatsu" looking at the job magazine

In addition to "Choromatsu" and "Ichimatsu", the lineup includes the eldest son of the Matsuno family, "Osomatsu", the extremely narcissist "Karamatsu", the unusually bright "14matsu", and the Azatoi "Todomatsu".

"PUTITTO Osomatsu-san" Todomatsu-san
Azatoi (?) "Todomatsu"

It can be purchased at Gacha Gacha and Blind Boxes nationwide. The price is 300 yen each time (including consumption tax).

"PUTITTO Osomatsu-san" package