PUTITTO Bird and Beast Caricature Rabbit
Good luck

From the Kitan Club minifigure series "PUTITTO", a new product with the motif of the picture scroll "Choju-Giga" has been released. The price is 300 yen (tax included) per piece.

The PUTITTO series is a figure that you can enjoy by putting it on the edge of a cup. This time, "Rabbit", "Frog", "Cat", and "Monkey" are three-dimensionalized from the bird and beast caricature called "Japan's oldest manga".

PUTITTO bird and beast caricature
Reproduce the symbolic pose as it is

PUTITTO bird and beast caricature
It seems that he was particular about small items

There are 7 types in the lineup. It can be purchased at Gacha Gacha and Blind Boxes nationwide.