Scotch-Brite dishwashing sponge
Make full use of the kitchen sponge!

What do you use to wash your dishes every day? Recently, the number of households with dishwashers has increased, but I think that every household has one "dishwasher sponge".

I have been using the same product for a long time, but when I go to the store, there are quite a few sponges lined up. What's the difference with that? This time, I participated in a seminar by 3M, which develops the familiar "Scotch-Brite" sponge, and learned a lot about sponge.

Scotch-Brite products
There are many, but what's the difference?

Mechanism to remove dirt with a sponge

First, check the structure of the tableware sponge itself. Most products have a material called "nonwoven fabric" in urethane, but what role does it play?

Non-woven fabric is a cloth made without knitting or weaving. If you try to enlarge the non-woven fabric surface of the sponge, you can see that the messy fibers are gathered.

Non-woven surface of kitchen sponge
When the non-woven surface of the sponge is enlarged

Non-woven surface of kitchen sponge
It looks like this

This synthetic fiber has abrasive particles called "abrasive particles" that remove dirt. Furthermore, the spring-like effect of the non-woven fabric makes it shiny without scraping the surface of the tableware!

A 10-yen coin polished with a sponge with an abrasive
Non-woven fabric with abrasive can remove only dirt without scraping coins * Level varies depending on the presence and type of abrasive

Use sponge properly according to dirt!

Now that we have learned how to remove stains, we will introduce each product according to the stains in the kitchen. Maybe there are some that you usually use?

Things you don't want to hurt

Scotch-Brite "Fubbling Yutaka"
Scotch-Brite "Bubbling Yutaka Sponge"

The "foaming Yutaka sponge" without abrasives can be washed safely without damaging the glass or decorations. It also features a size design that is soft and easy to hold even with small women's hands.

Scotch-Brite "Fubbling Yutaka"
Plenty of foam

In addition, I also recommend the author's favorite item, "Hybrid Net Sponge." It is resistant to oil stains and has no non-woven fabric surface, so it fits softly and freely.

Scotch-Brite "Hybrid Net Sponge"
I've been using it for a long time

Tea astringency, with kogation, oil stains

Scotch-Brite "Hybrid Bonded Sponch-Brite"
A relatively versatile product

The "hybrid bonded sponge" is effective for coloring, tea astringency, and sticky spills on the bottom of the cup. Large and small abrasive particles remove stubborn stains.

Remove tea astringency from a mug
Mug Before After Part 1

Remove tea astringency from a mug
Before and after of the mug Part 2 It feels good!

Grilled koge

Scotch-Brite "Antibacterial Urethane Sponge"
Many people think of this design when it comes to sponges.

"Antibacterial urethane sponge scrubbing brush" is on the back of the pot that has been burnt to black. If it is a speed-up type for removing kogation, it can be removed quickly enough to make pot polishing fun.

Remove kogation from a frying pan
Clean the bottom of the pot! You can also remove blackened koge

IH, glass top, trivet koge

Glass top type stove that is increasing recently. Although it is relatively easy to clean, if you use it for a long time, not only the top plate but also the burner cap and the trivet will gradually become charred.

Burner cap on the glass top stove
It doesn't fall at all

"Gas stove / IH cleaner" is a sponge that uses activated carbon particles to remove only kogation without damaging the glass. It doesn't require detergent, so it's easy on your hands. It's not something you use every day, but it seems to be useful for general cleaning!

Scotch-Brite "Cleaner for gas stove / IH"
Cut it into small pieces and use it.

Cleaner for gas stove / IH
Utilizing the properties of activated carbon, which is harder than koge and softer than glass * The image is a model of koge

Burner cap on the glass top stove
It became shiny!

When is the replacement?

According to Dr. Sponge, who is in charge of product development, the timing of replacement is 3 weeks to 1 month in consideration of hygiene and performance. Actually, it's about the same as a toothbrush! Also, when using it, read the package description carefully, drain it well after use, and store it in a well-ventilated place.

The 3M Seminar
3M's public relations (left) who looks good in "Sumi-chan" cosplay and Mr. Harai (right) who is in charge of development called "Dr. Sponge"

At first glance, they all look the same, and the world of sponge is quite deep. I'm going to review the sponge I need right away!