Pilot Acroball Spotlighter
Writing and marking with one

Pilot Corporation will release "Acroball Spotlighter," a multifunctional writing tool that integrates a three-color ballpoint pen and a highlighter pen, on June 6th. The price is 600 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

This product is a multi-function ballpoint pen equipped with a black, red, and blue three-color ballpoint pen that uses the oil-based ink "Acro Ink" that enables dark and smooth writing, and a highlighter pen at the rear. The highlighter has an "easy open cap" that opens when twisted to the left or right, and the grip has a "tire pattern grip" that can be firmly gripped.

There are three body colors: clear pink, clear soft blue, and clear black. The marker color can be selected from two colors, fluorescent yellow and fluorescent pink. The replacement cartridge for the marker is 150 yen.

Pilot Acroball Spotlighter