"22 Nyan Nyan Pochi Bag Set"

"22 Nyan Nyan Pochi Bag Set" with a cat illustration is now on sale from Felicimo Cat Club.

"22 Nyan Nyan Pochi Bag Set" 22 types in total
"Pochi" is like a dog's name

This pocket bag is made up of 22 (Nyan Nyan) pocket bags with different patterns of cats drawn on them. When you pay for it the day after the drinking party or give your child some pocket money, 22 cute cats will express their gratitude on your behalf.

"22 Nyan Nyan Pochi Bag Set" lineup
"I had a lot of fun last night. Invite me again!"

There are many variations in the design of the pocket bag. There are adorable poses such as hungry and spoiled children, curled up sleeping children, and hair-growth children.

There are two sizes, large and small. The large size is a four-fold bill, and the small size is a size that fits a 500-yen coin. The footsteps of the cat were printed on the back.

"22 Nyan Nyan Pochi Bag Set" Size Comparison
Peta, Peta ...

The price is 400 yen (excluding consumption tax and shipping fee). You can purchase it at the Felicimo Cat Club online shop.

Example of using "22 Nyan Nyan Pochi Bag Set"
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