The cheapest and easiest to operate 3D printer "101 Hero" in the world
The cheapest and easiest to operate 3D printer "101 Hero" in the world

The "101 Hero" is the cheapest and easiest-to-operate compact 3D printer in the world. There are two types, "Consumer Version (CV)" for those who want to output ready-made 3D data and enjoy it, and "Designer & Developer Version (DV)" for those who want to create their own 3D data. ..

"CV" is a perfect product for 3D printer beginners. It specializes in outputting 3D data downloaded from websites. Use is 3 steps. Just turn on the power, insert the SD card with 3D data saved into "101 Hero", and press the button. After that, you can enjoy watching the output of "work (?)".

"Consumer version (CV)" of "101 Hero"
"CV" specializing in 3D output

"101 Hero" that outputs 3D according to the data
3D output according to the data in the SD card

"101 Hero" output example
Such a thing

"101 Hero" output example
This is output

"DV" is for people who created their own original 3D data and created something that did not exist in the world before. PC software such as Slic3r and Cura can be used to generate the data. PC and "DV" version "101 Hero" can be connected with a USB cable. Direct output is possible.

"DV" for those who want to create 3D data by themselves
With "DV", you can output your own 3D data from your PC via USB.

Whether it's the "CV" or "DV" version, "101 Hero" is suitable for creating toys, small accessories, and miscellaneous goods such as smartphone cases.

"101 Hero" output example 3
You can also make practical accessories such as vases

"101 Hero" output example 6
Such accessories

The filament to be output is compatible with commercially available 1.75 mm PLA, HIPS, and ABS products. Not only the main body but also consumables are considered to be relatively inexpensive and easily available.

"101 Hero" supports 1.75 mm filament
Compatible with 1.75 mm filament, easy to obtain

It measures 32.7 cm high x 25.3 wide x 21.9 cm deep and weighs 1.8 kg. Because it is compact, it can be installed even in a small room.

"101 Hero" size

The developer, 101 Hero, is currently conducting a campaign to recruit investors on the crowdfunding site kickstarter for the commercialization of "101 Hero". The early bird version ($ 49 for "CV" and $ 54 for "DV") is already sold out. At the time of this writing, "CV" is available for $ 74 and "DV" for $ 79. Shipment is October 2016.

"101 Hero" output example
Why don't you make something like this?