"The Joker Greeting Card" celebrates your birthday with an endless birthday song

There are many joke goods in the United States to celebrate your birthday. For example, "Magic Relighting Birthday Candles", a candle that automatically ignites no matter how many times it is blown out, is one example.

"Magic Relighting Birthday Candles" candles that ignite immediately no matter how many times you blow them out
An indelible candle "Magic Relighting Birthday Candles"

Those who are celebrating their birthday are obliged to blow out the candles and serve the cake to those who cut and celebrate the cake. However, if the candles in the cake are "Magic Relighting Birthday Candles", the candles will not disappear and the cake cannot be cut forever, and the party venue will be laughed at.

Indelible candle "Magic Relighting Birthday Candles"
No matter how many times you turn it off, it will catch fire like a zombie

"The Joker Greeting Card" is a joke goods with a similar concept. An endless birthday song, a card that celebrates your birthday endlessly.

"Naughty" card "The Joker Greeting Card"
"The Joker Greeting Card" to celebrate your birthday endlessly with an endless birthday song

It's not uncommon for a birthday song to play when you open a card or press a push button. But usually they stop the music when you press the button again or close the card.

But "The Joker Greeting Card" doesn't have the ability to stop music. Those who are given a card and press a button will struggle with the card to stop the music. The battery that plays music has a lifespan of 4 hours, so once it starts playing, the music doesn't stop for 4 hours.

Those who wrestle to stop "The Joker Greeting Card"
I can't stop it

In addition, if you press the button again to stop the music, the volume will increase even more.

Press button for "The Joker Greeting Card"
Press the button to increase the volume!

"That's American culture. Isn't it popular in Japan?"

I think there are many people who think so. But think twice. The Halloween market, which no one knew just a little while ago, reached 122 billion yen in 2015. It exceeds the Valentine's market size (about 108 billion yen) and is the second biggest event after Christmas (673 billion yen).

Halloween image image
Happy Halloween!

Both Halloween culture and Christmas culture come from the United States. It's possible that the culture of using joke goods will come to Japan and take root at a birthday party to celebrate a friend's birthday.

"The Joker Greeting Card" is running a campaign to recruit investors on the crowdfunding site Kibidango. At the time of writing this article, one "Happy Birthday Card" is available with an investment of 1,500 yen. There is also a "Congratulations" card that can be used for celebrations such as promotion and childbirth.

Congratulations card
"Congratulations ♪ Really congratulations ♪♪ You are No.1 ♪"

If the funding is successful, the card will be sent from August to September 2016.