SCRAP, which plans, produces and manages real escape games, has established a publishing label "SCRAP Publishing" that publishes books related to solving mysteries. As the first book, a collection of difficult puzzle problems "Real Escape Game presents Ultimate Mystery Book" will be released on June 30th.

Real escape game presents Ultimate mystery book
Perfect for the rainy season

This book is a reconstruction of the past questions of the "All Japan Mystery Solving Team Member Decision Battle", a mystery solving contest on the Web that is regularly held by the SCRAP fan club "Shonen Detective SCRAP Team". In addition to the 17 past questions, 5 new high-level puzzles that are original to the book are also included, so you can enjoy solving the mystery at home.

SCRAP mystery solving event
Challenge the problem of the mystery solving event at home! (The image is an image)

A time limit is set for each question, and user data and hints at the time of the contest are also enriched. From beginners to veterans, it can be used to improve mystery solving skills.

Real escape game presents Ultimate mystery book
Bonus booklet "Sudden Mystery Encyclopedia" (First Edition only)

The price is 1,600 yen (excluding tax). Currently accepting reservations on the online shopping site "SCRAP GOODS SHOP" and In the future, there will be many appendices such as the mystery-solving game book "Girls, Boxes, and Mysterious Ancient Ruins (tentative title)" and the novel mystery novel "Three Melancholy Suspects (tentative title)" played by three people. It seems to be planned.

Mystery publishing label "SCRAP Publishing"
I'm looking forward to it in the future!