Smart umbrella "TARAbrella" for forecasting weather

Several smart umbrellas have already been announced that will prevent you from misplaced your umbrella and keep you informed of the weather forecast. However, most of them utilize smartphones. Without a smartphone, it would be just an umbrella.

Difference between conventional smart umbrella and "TARA Brella"
Until now, smart umbrellas required smartphones.

"TARAbrella" is a smart umbrella that does not require a smartphone. Independently, it provides "weather forecast", "misplacement prevention", and "LED overhead light" functions.

"TARAbrella" provides "weather forecast", "misplacement prevention" and "LED headlight" functions
"TARAbrella" provides "weather forecast", "misplacement prevention", and "LED overhead light" functions even without a smartphone.

With the "weather forecast" function, the built-in digital barometer measures atmospheric pressure once every 35 seconds. Humidity is also measured with a hygrometer. The microprocessor processes the data obtained from these two sensors. Predict the weather for the next 6 hours based on changes in humidity and atmospheric pressure.

The predicted weather is displayed on the LED display attached to the handlebar. The display is in 3 modes, and the LED is colorless in "sunny", but blinks blue in "cloudy" and lights blue in "rain", encouraging the user to bring an umbrella.

LED display showing predicted weather
If "rain" is expected, the LED on the handlebar lights up in blue. Encourage the user to bring an umbrella.

The "misplacement prevention" function uses a small dedicated tab. When you carry an umbrella, you can keep it in your pocket. If the tab and umbrella are separated by more than 9 meters, a warning sound will be emitted to alert the user.

The "misplacement prevention" function uses a small dedicated tab
"I forgot my husband, umbrella!"

"LED overhead light" is an LED light attached to the top of the umbrella. It enhances visibility from the driver of the car and helps the user to walk safely at night.

"LED headlights" enhance night visibility from car drivers
Do you think you've never seen an umbrella with a light?

By the way, one of the reasons why smart umbrellas are not popular is that "charging is troublesome". Most of them are charged via the USB connector of the PC, but many people are reluctant to bring a wet umbrella near the PC after use.

A wall-mounted cradle is available for "TARAbrella". If you install it on the wall, it will charge while you hang the umbrella on the wall, so you don't have to bring a wet umbrella into the room.

Wall mount cradle of "TARAbrella"
Charge smartly with the cradle!

Also, if you store "TARAbrella" in the cradle, you can easily see the LED display, so you can easily see the weather forecast.

The wall mount cradle makes it easier to see the weather forecast
"Oh, it's sunny today!"

It was developed by the TARA team based in Richmond, Canada. The team is currently conducting a campaign to recruit investors on the crowdfunding site kickstarter for the commercialization of "TARAbrella". At the time of this writing, one TARAbrella is available with a $ 49 investment. The amount required to obtain it will increase as the campaign progresses, and the retail price after the end will be US $ 89. Shipment is scheduled for October 2016.

"TARAbrella" promotion image