Iris Ohyama "Futon Dryer Kararie"
Actually, it can be used all year round

Kanto has finally entered the rainy season this week. It's a time when you can't dry your futon or laundry outside, and you can't change your clothes easily.

Hydrangea Hydrangea
The rainy season has come this year as well

So this year, I introduced a futon dryer that I've always been interested in. I got the "Futon Dryer Kararie" from Iris Ohyama, which was released last year.

Iris Ohyama "Futon Dryer Kararie"
Iris Ohyama's popular product "Futon Dryer Kararie"

When you think of a futon dryer, it's an image that used to take up a lot of space long ago (when I was using it as a countermeasure against bedwetting). However, it is now the same size as a 2L PET bottle and weighs 1.7kg, which is rather lighter than a PET bottle!

Iris Ohyama "Futon Dryer Kararie"
It was so tiny ...

Iris Ohyama "Futon Dryer Kararie"
Operation panel and air outlet

Only 10 seconds to prepare

When using, pull out the hose, place it on the mattress, hang the comforter from above and press down on the mouth to complete the set. You don't need tools such as mats or storage bags, so it's not a burden to do every day.

Iris Ohyama "Futon Dryer Kararie"
Place the hose on the mattress

Iris Ohyama "Futon Dryer Kararie"
Just cover it with a comforter

After that, select the operation mode and switch on. Drying is completed in 20 to 100 minutes. Although it is not as good as a vacuum cleaner, it makes a certain amount of ventilation noise.

Iris Ohyama "Futon Dryer Kararie"
Gooooo ...

After drying, the futon is fluffy, fluffy, soft and the best! Rather, it was more comfortable than sun-dried. I feel like I've fallen asleep better than usual.

Various modes according to the season

The menu has winter / summer, "dani mode", and "warm mode". It is also possible to freely set the temperature and time.

It's hard to use in the summer because of the warm air, but in the summer mode, it also blows air at the end, so you don't have to sleep in a futon with hot air (the temperature of the room rises a little while driving).

Iris Ohyama "Futon Dryer Kararie"
Summer mode to finish by blowing air after drying

In tick mode, drive firmly at about 65 degrees for 100 minutes. Don't forget to inhale with a futon vacuum cleaner after finishing.

Iris Ohyama "Futon Dryer Kararie"
Don't forget to do it before changing your bedding

It can be used for other than futon!

Use the included "Shoe Drying Attachment" to dry shoes that have been soaked in the rain. It depends on the material, but even leather shoes will dry in about 2 hours.

Shoes drying attachment
Attachment for drying shoes

Iris Ohyama "Futon Dryer Kararie"
For leather shoes, set at a lower temperature

Furthermore, during this time, it seems that it will be active all year round, such as drying the room, blowing air in the closet, and using spot heating at your feet in winter.

Iris Ohyama "Futon Dryer Kararie"
Efficiently adjust the angle and height to reduce the unpleasant odor of room drying and to dehumidify the closet.

Is it difficult to dry the futon these days?

I am worried about pollen in spring and guerrilla rainstorms in summer. I want to sleep on another futon in winter because it is cold. When I think about it again, the futon dryer has a place where I can play an active role almost all year round. By the way, the electricity bill for one use is about 10 to 20 yen in the automatic mode. First of all, I want to comfortably finish the rainy season while using it wisely!