Goto Soy Sauce "Retort curry curry udon noodles"
A must-have for curry udon lovers!

"Retort curry curry udon noodles" is a seasoning exclusively for retort curry that was jointly developed by YK STORES and Goto Soy Sauce, a long-established soy sauce brewer founded in 1918. It has been pre-sold on Amazon since the end of May.

Goto Soy Sauce "Retort curry curry udon noodles"
The name may be a straight ball

This product, which was seriously developed by curry udon lovers, uses only bonito flakes cut in the morning, and combines Japanese flavors such as kelp and shiitake mushrooms with specially brewed soy sauce. It is made by carefully examining the compatibility with many retort curries, and any product with any taste can be reborn as curry udon . Can it really be delicious? I tried it with various curries.

Speaking of Japanese retort curry

Bon curry medium spicy
Bon curry that can be warmed in the microwave these days

First of all, the classic retort curry "Bon Curry (medium spicy)".

The method of making is the same. Just pour hot water into the soup, add warm retort curry, mix, and sprinkle on the boiled udon noodles.

Goto Soy Sauce "Retort curry curry udon noodles"
Pour hot water into the soup

Goto Soy Sauce "Retort curry curry udon noodles"
Mix with warm curry

Curry udon with bon curry
Completed in about 10 minutes

If you sip it, you can get it at the store. The soup does not dilute the taste, but rather increases the depth and entangles with the chewy udon noodles. The soup stock and spices go well together, so when I noticed, I drank the soup to the last drop. Even if you add rice to the surplus soup, it's absolutely delicious !!

Inaba Thai Curry

Inaba "Tuna and Thai Curry Green"
I love it, but for udon ...?

Next is the canned "Inaba Tuna and Thai Curry (Green)" where you can enjoy authentic Thai curry. At first glance, it's a unique combination, but the punchy soup is mellow and insanely delicious! Personally, I like it rather than eating it as it is! It feels like "summer curry udon" that you eat while sweating with stimulating spiciness.

Inaba Thai Curry Curry Udon
It is recommended because it is surprising

Local curry udon is also fun

Rainbow Hiroshima specialty oyster curry
This is also good

There are various types of retort curry. When it gets a little expensive, the commitment to ingredients and taste will also be different. Try using Rainbow's "Hiroshima Specialty Oyster Curry (Medium Spicy)" to see if it is comparable to curry udon.

Oyster curry udon
Gorgeous oysters

I had an imagination, but yes, I have no complaints anymore. I feel happy to hold hands with the oysters and bonito that have left the sea and met again. If Bon Curry Udon is a regular menu at a curry udon specialty store, is this a seasonal menu? It may have a strong special feeling to eat every day. Why don't you eat curry udon every day in the first place?

The price of this product, which produces as many curry udon noodles as there are retort curries, is 580 yen (tax included) with 150 ml. If you like curry udon, you don't have to worry about it!