"Flatev" that allows you to make freshly baked tortillas at home

Freshly baked bread, freshly beaten pasta, and freshly squeezed olive oil. Machines that can easily make these at home are in fashion. "Flatev" is one such machine. It is a tortilla maker that can easily bake tortillas at home.

Freshly baked tortilla maker "flatev"
Tortilla maker "flatev" Enjoy freshly baked tortillas at home!

Tortilla is a lightly baked bread made from corn. It is indispensable for Mexican food such as tacos and quesadillas, and is often sold alongside bread at supermarkets in areas where there are many Mexican immigrants, not to mention Mexico.

Examples of cooking with tortillas
Reference image: Tortilla (left) and an example of cooking using it

"Flatev" is a home appliance that allows you to make tortillas at home. It makes it easy to bake tortillas, which are thought to be rarely made at home in Japan.

When cooking, select your favorite dough from the dough in the pod and put it in the upper drawer. After that, if you press the cook button and wait for a while, the baked tortillas will come out from the drawer below.

Cooking step 1 with "flatev" -Introduce pods
If you put the pod in the upper drawer and press the cook button

"Flatev" that puts out baked tortillas from the drawer below
The tortillas baked from the drawer below!

The secret to "flatev" baking high quality tortillas is the pod. Inside, a dough made of accurately weighed ingredients is enclosed so that anyone can enjoy the same taste at any time.

"Flatev" pod
Various flavors of dough are prepared according to the dish

The "flatev" with a pod system can be said to be a bit like a capsule-type espresso machine. Like an espresso machine where anyone can drink delicious espresso with capsules, "flatev" can bake delicious tortillas no matter who cooks thanks to the pods.

Example of capsule espresso machine
Reference image: Capsule-type espresso machine, anyone can drink delicious espresso

It is expected to be released around the summer of 2017. The flatev website is currently accepting pre-orders and is expected to cost $ 437.

"Flatev" will be priced at $ 437
It's 2017, it's a long way away ...

It's a little disappointing that it will be released a year later. Until then, it seems that there is no choice but to wait in line for Taco Bell.

Cooking example with tortillas
"Taco Bell" is delicious, but it's a little lined up on holidays ...