Rechargeable flowerpot "Bioo Lite"
The birth of new clean energy

Plants are exposed to sunlight and photosynthesize, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. It is a well-known fact that all living things, including humans, benefit from it.

I never thought I could get more electricity from that plant.

"Bioo Lite" is a flowerpot that can charge terminals such as smartphones just by planting foliage plants. By connecting a cable to a stone-like USB port, smartphones can be fully charged 2-3 times a day.

bioo lite
Output is 5.0V, may not rely on 1.0A tablet?

bioo lite
Connect your smartphone here

But what kind of mechanism is it generating electricity? Below is the internal structure of the flowerpot.

Internal structure of bioo lite
It seems that it uses electrons generated during photosynthesis

The pot is equipped with a system that efficiently transfers the energy generated around the roots by photosynthesis as electricity. It uses a process that plants naturally do, so it can supply power without imposing a load on the plants.

To be honest, it seems impossible for me to fully understand the mechanism, but all the user has to do is take care of the plants so that they do not die. You can use any kind of plant, but it seems that cactus is not suitable.

bioo lite How to use
I think it was hard to develop, but it's easy to use

Bioo Lite is currently looking for investors for commercialization on the crowdfunding site "INDIEGOGO". We have already collected a lot more than the target amount, and as of this writing, you can apply for a plan that you can get one at an early discount price of 99 euros (additional shipping fee from Spain is required). In addition, it seems that a panel version "Bioo" with a width of 1 m is also being developed, and expectations are rising for future clean energy.

* All images are from "INDIEGOGO"