From the lion's medicated toothpaste "Clinica Enamel Pearl" series, "Clinica Enamel Pearl Elderflower Mint", which uses the herb "Elderflower", which is popular in Europe, as a flavor, will be released on June 14th. Limited quantity.

Clinica Enamel Pearl Elderflower Mint
Clinica healed by elderflower

Clinica Enamel Pearl is a medicated toothpaste that uses a unique "enamel care prescription" to remove stains (colored stains) and plaque while increasing tooth density to strengthen teeth and prevent toothpaste.

The "Elder Flower Mint" to be released this time seems to have a refreshing flavor that combines the delicate and slightly sweet scent of elder flower with fresh muscat. The price is open with 130g (4.59oz).

Elder flower
Elder flower