Toothbrush "Prophix" with a built-in video camera

Many people have a "brushing habit" when using a toothbrush, either over-brushing or not brushing a particular area, and this "brushing habit" causes cavities even if you brush your teeth every day. It is said that there are cases where it ends up.

"Prophix" is a toothbrush that aims for zero unpolished residue. Developed by ONVI, based in Illinois, USA.

Toothbrush "Prophix" aiming for zero unpolished residue
Toothbrush "Prophix" aiming for zero unpolished residue

The feature is that it is equipped with a video camera that supports 1,080p. The camera captures what's happening in your mouth while brushing and can identify areas that aren't always brushed-for example, between teeth. You can check the brushing status with the smartphone app. The app is currently only compatible with iOS, but an Android version is currently being developed.

"Prophix" that allows you to take a picture of brushing and find unpolished parts
Check the unpolished place with the video!

You can also take a 10-megapixel still image and save it in the smartphone app. You can use this feature to regularly take pictures of cavities and track their changes.

"Prophix" that can take still images and track changes in specific teeth
Hmm, is it getting darker gradually?

I used to vacuum the room without glasses when cleaning the room. However, one day when I put on my glasses and cleaned it, I was surprised to find that dust had accumulated in the corners of the room. I then realized that vision was important when cleaning something.

However, when brushing, I brush without visually checking the inside of my mouth. This may be like closing your eyes and vacuuming. In a sense, it's only natural that there will be some unpolished residue. The "Prophix" approach of visually checking brushing with a video camera seems correct.

"Prophix" is an approach that cleans the mouth while looking at it.
Is it cleaner than it is now if you brush it with your eyes?

ONVI is accepting pre-orders on the official website of "Prophix". At the moment, it is sold only in the United States, but it is also considering selling it overseas. It has not been disclosed when the product will go on sale outside the United States.

"Prophix" product package
"Prophix" product package, replacement brushes, etc. are also included