A collaboration model with the popular character "Snoopy" has appeared in Zebra's "Delguard" series of mechanical pencils that "doesn't break no matter how hard you put it". It will be sold in limited quantities from July 19th.

Snoopy x Delgard
Snoopy stationery is a good harvest this year ♪

Delgard is characterized by its unique internal mechanism that guards the core according to the writing pressure and writing angle, making it difficult for the core to break even when a strong force is applied. In this collaboration, a total of 6 types will be developed, with a core diameter of 0.5 mm (4 types) and 0.3 mm (2 types) with Snoopy illustrations designed on the body.

The price is 650 yen (excluding tax). The casual "device" is also hidden in the illustration.

Snoopy x Delgard
Oh, footprints!