"Ramen, coffee, and me" that are perfect for mini-climbing

Recently, the popular "mini mountain climbing". This is an activity where people who have graduated from Mt. Takao can get a little equipment, challenge a little higher mountain, get a little dented, and get a little more confident.

However, the big difference between Mt. Takao and other mountains is the presence or absence of teahouses. For example, one of Mt. Takao's specialties, Momijiya's "Tengu Soba," is so delicious that you can climb Takao because you want to eat it. In addition, "Tengu-yaki" is a truly amazing degree of perfection when you put it in your mouth with a high slogan, "Anyway, isn't it ningyo-yaki?" In the summer, a beer garden will be opened, which is a very perfect mountain. That is Mt. Takao.

Takaosan Cable Car
There is even a cable car

Climbing another mountain with that feeling is a little difficult. You will realize the harshness (?) Of the mountains when you find out that you cannot even replenish water, let alone a restaurant.

Doppelganger Outdoor's "Ramen, Coffee, and Me" may be recommended for beginners in the mountains. A product that includes a cooker for boiling water, a percolator for making coffee, and a coffee mill. All you have to do is prepare a small stove and you will be able to cook a little in a small mountain.

Ramen, coffee, and me
"Ramen, coffee, and me" instead of "ramen, tsukemen, my handsome" that is perfect for mini mountaineering

When using, it seems better to cook the cup noodles first. Boil water in a cooker and pour the water into the cup noodles. After 3 to 5 minutes, the cup noodles will be ready, so grind the beans in a coffee mill while you wait.

"Ramen, coffee, and me" cooking procedure
First of all, cup noodles ~ ♪

Grind coffee beans
While waiting, go round the coffee beans ...

Make coffee with the remaining hot water. Put the ground coffee beans in the percolator, cover it, and put the percolator in the cooker. After a while, hot water spouts from the tube in the center of the filter and coffee extraction begins. When you reach the desired strength, pour it into a mug and drink.

Put coffee powder in the percolator
Coarse grinding is recommended for percolator

Percolator to cooker
Put the percolator in the cooker.

Extraction of coffee with a percolator
Hot water spouts and coffee extraction starts.

Nissin's cup noodles are recommended for cup noodles to eat in the mountains. There isn't much trash because it doesn't contain sachets. This is important in the mountains, isn't it? Also, considering the environment, I don't want to throw away the remaining soup. However, after climbing, my body wants something salty, so I usually drink it up.

"Ramen, coffee, and me" cooking example
I miss "Tengu Soba" ... Don't say that!

After eating the cup noodles, it's coffee time. Percolator does not use a paper filter, so it has the advantage of less dust.

"Ramen, coffee, and me" cooking example
By the way, did you make coffee today?

If you don't like cup noodles, go to a mountaineering shop and look for freeze-dried foods. picture? Up to something like this? It is sold as freeze-dried. All can be eaten just by pouring hot water.

Outdoor goods such as "ramen, coffee, and me" are probably useful in the event of a disaster. If you prepare one, it may be useful in various ways.

By the way, coffee made with a percolator is quite different from coffee made with a paper filter. It is quite difficult to make good coffee, and it is quite difficult to reach the level of "somehow drinking". It's still good while I'm trying to adjust the heat and changing the amount of hot water, but when I start remodeling the percolator, it may be a little dangerous. The possibility of getting stuck in the bottomless swamp of the coffee road is great.

Conceptual diagram of coffee extraction by percolator

"Ramen, coffee, and me" is recommended for people who can enjoy such a bottomless swamp. If you're a little swamp ... you might want to gently remove the percolator from this set and replace it with a plastic coffee dripper and a paper filter. You can drink delicious coffee very easily and surely. By taking the trash home.

The price is 5,800 yen (excluding consumption tax). You can purchase it from online shopping sites such as Amazon.co.jp.

Examples of how to enjoy "ramen, coffee, and me"
Huh ~~