"Nyantama" is a photo book of cats that just happened to be taken.

For those who like cats, there seems to be a point that they like "coco" among cats. As a point, it is not uncommon for people to give paws now, but there are also those who like the cat's ass and those who like the smell of the cat's ears.

Examples of various charms of cats
Do you see the paws?

Such enthusiastic cat lovers may be a little surprised by "Nyantama" by Rumiko Yoshizawa. This is a photo book that happens to focus on cats.

Nyantama photo example Chiramise pattern
Photo book "Nyantama" by Rumiko Yoshizawa. Focus on the cat by chance!

This is a collection of photographs that you can see at once by chance, which is slightly different depending on the cat. There are a variety of things that happen to be available, from those that look solid to those that look flickering.

"Nyantama" photo example: Nyantama photo in an unexpected pose
Chiramise Nyan

Most cats are neutered, so it's less common to see them by chance. In that sense, the cats and their chances that were published in the photo book "Nyantama" over 96 pages can be said to be valuable.

Rumiko Yoshizawa, who was photographed, sent the following message about the photo book "Nyantama".

"I would be happy if I could taste" Nyantama "at various viewing points and be captivated by it.
Thank you to all the "Nyantama" and everyone who supports the naughty male cats. "

Photobook "Nyantama" sample

The photo book "Nyantama" can be purchased at bookstores nationwide and online bookstores such as Amazon.co.jp. The price is 1,080 yen (tax included).

Photobook Nyantama cover