Matryoshka-like calendar "Catryoshka Calendar"

The 2017 calendar "Nekoryoshika Calendar" has been announced by Aicam. It is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2016.

This is a box-shaped calendar with a cat motif. The front is open, and when you open the inside, there is another small box-shaped calendar inside, making it look like a matryoshka doll. A calendar for 5 months for the big cat, 4 months for the next cat, 2 months for the 3rd cat, and 1 month for the smallest cat, totaling It can be used as a 12-month calendar.

"Nekoryoshika Calendar" can be used as a 12-month calendar
The biggest calendar is a long relationship for almost half a year

Inside the smallest cat, there is a sticky note in the shape of a fish, which can be marked up in the form of "sticking a fish on the cat" on important days.

Some of the smallest cats on the "Nekoryoshika Calendar" have sticky notes in the shape of fish.
Don't eat!

The size is 140 mm long x 80 mm wide x 20 mm high. The price is 1,000 yen per set (excluding consumption tax).

"Cat Calendar" Package
Is it good for gifts?