"Peep into the cat's bathing time !? Bath-shaped claws"

"Peep into the cat's bathing time !? Bath-shaped Tsumetogi" is now on sale from Felicimo Cat Club. The marble-like print is an elegant bathtub-shaped claw with clawfoot, and cats can sharpen their claws to their heart's content, and owners can shoot cute bath time (?) Of cats.

Peep into the cat's bathing time !? Bath-shaped claws Togi Marble-like appearance
"Bath-shaped claws" For cats only, clawfoot!

The material is the cat's favorite paper, and the size is a size that cats will want to enter. You don't have to worry about "I bought it, but the cat doesn't get close to it".

The material of "bath-shaped claws" is paper
It just fits in

The nail clip is installed at the bottom of the bathtub. The material is cardboard, which cats also love, and it has a thickness of 2 cm so that it can be firmly nailed.

The bath-shaped claws and nails are made of cardboard.

The product comes with accessories for shooting. A crown, a laurel crown, and a duck's toy can greatly enhance the cat's bathing mood.

Laurel attached to "Bath-shaped Tsumetogi"
You are a noble person

Crown with bath-shaped claws
Nya, the king of the clan

Furo-shaped claws that satisfy the owner's desire to shoot
Now, shoot until you feel like it!

Please refer to the Felissimo Cat Club website for details on pricing and purchasing methods.

Ahiru-chan, an accessory for the bath-shaped claws
Duck ... ♪