"Torizukan", a seal that birds greet

"Torizukan" is a stamp designed with an illustration of birds raising their wings and greeting them. It can be used as a registration stamp at almost all major banks.

Image of the seal "Torizukan" that birds greet
The seal "Torizukan" that birds greet is born!
(The image is an image)

"Torizukan" is the fourth book with pet illustrations, following "Nekozukan", "Inuzukan", and "Rabbit Zukan". The illustrations and names of cute birds by the exclusive designer are combined.

Torizukan concept image
Bird illustration + name = Torizukan!

There is a self-ink type that can be pressed without the need for red meat and a seal type that can be pressed with red meat. There are two types of seal type, "Kokubuffalo" and "Boxwood".

"Torizukan" with self-ink type and seal type
For "Torizukan", self-ink type and seal type are available (image is "Kokubuffalo")

The self-ink type is characterized by the ability to repeatedly hit bird illustrations. It is also practical and can be used to receive parcels such as courier services. Ink can be selected from four colors, red, black, and blue, in addition to vermilion.

"Torizukan", self-ink type
Self-ink type that can be used to receive packages such as courier

The seal type can be used as a registration seal when opening an account at a bank. Like "Cat Zukan", "Dog Zukan", and "Rabbit Zukan", a little courage is required when registering.

Seal type can be used as a registered seal at many banks
Come on, give me courage, pen!

There are 17 types of illustrations. Parakeets, chickens, chicks, owls, etc. raise their wings and say hello!

"Torizukan" All 17 types of illustrations
Chicken and chick are co-starring with their parents!

However, only the penguins do not say hello. The penguins appearing in the bird are staring far from the top of the cliff, unable to withstand the heat under the sun, and trying to escape somewhere. There are 4 types of penguins out of 17 types, and it is easy to imagine that the designer would be a "penguins pusher". But I can't imagine why I didn't let the penguins greet me.

"Torizukan" penguins who haven't greeted for some reason
Let's say hello ...

As with "Inuzukan," "Nekozukan," and "Rabbit Zukan," you can choose from eight fonts.

Typeface of "Torizukan"
Mr. Fumiko Sakura seems to have high communicative competence!

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