Starbucks / KIGI collaboration item
At that time I couldn't drink coffee yet ...

Coffee wear in collaboration with the creative unit "KIGI" will be released on June 22 at each Starbucks coffee store (excluding some stores).

KIGI is a duo unit that is active in a wide range of genres such as product design for "D-BROS" and art direction for "une nana cool". The four themes of "Summer Knit," "Walking Girl," "Hopping Greens," and "Barbecue," which are said to have been inspired by "memories of summer as a child," are adopted for this collaboration item.

The lineup includes a handy stainless steel bottle (4,800 yen each), a mug (2,200 yen each), a glass (small 1,300 yen, large 1,600 yen), and a Starbucks card for a total of eight items. You can purchase it at Starbucks stores as well as online stores. * All listed prices do not include tax