Children's railway rain goods
Departure progresses well even in the rain!

From the CAINZ Group's Kanak project, "Children's Railroad Rain Goods" with four types of Shinkansen motifs will be released sequentially from June 17th.

There are two types of lineup: raincoat (size 120) and rain poncho (size 100). Four types of designs are available, "E5 Series Hayabusa", "E6 Series Komachi", "E7 Series Kagayaki", and "923 Doctor Yellow". It is a spacious size that fits a school bag and a school bag, and the hood has a transparent window so that you can easily see the front.

Doctor Yellow raincoat
Can you be happy if you see a child wearing a yellow Shinkansen "Doctor Yellow" raincoat for inspection?

Children's rain poncho shine
The Hokuriku Shinkansen, which celebrated its 1st anniversary in March!

EVA is used as the material, which is more waterproof than nylon material. The suggested retail price is 2,300 yen (excluding tax). It can be purchased at toy specialty stores, general merchandise stores, and Kanak online stores nationwide.

Children's railroad helmets, children's railroad umbrellas
Other goods are also on sale at the Kanak online store!