Masayuki Oki's photo exhibition of "Busyan" starts on June 20th

The number of people called cat photographers has increased. But among them, Masayuki Oki is probably the only photographer who takes pictures of cats every day and uploads them to Instagram and blogs every day. Mr. Oki continues to take pictures of "outside cats" without fail for a day.

Masayuki Oki's masterpiece "Nekozile"
"Cat Zile", one of Mr. Oki's masterpieces that shoots cats every day

The cat photographs taken by Mr. Oki have some characteristics that are different from those taken by other photographers. Let's introduce its features here. The keywords are "cat with cat off", "high speed shutter", and unique "color sense".

■ "Cat with the cat off" -As anyone who owns behind-the-scenes cats from outside cats knows, cats are surprisingly switched between "on" and "off". In front of strangers, they often "wear a cat."

Cat photographer Masayuki Oki's work example
This eye is "on".

However, even such cats wearing cats take off their cats in front of Mr. Oki and show them their real cats. Mr. Oki's photographs are full of surprising moments, "What? Cats have such gestures and facial expressions?"

Cat photographer Masayuki Oki's work example
This kid is "off" ...

For example, one of Mr. Oki's recently released works is "A cat coming down the stairs while lying down." Aside from domestic cats, outside cats only show this to those who forgive their hearts. It can be said that Oki-san, who meets outside cats every day and continues to shoot, can take such "off-shots".

Cat photographer Masayuki Oki's work example
"It's easy to get off as it is"

Photos of the outside cat "Kiss cat", which is one of Oki's pronouns, are also being released.

Cat photographer Masayuki Oki's work example
"good morning!"

Cat photographer Masayuki Oki's work example
"Hello! It's hot!"

Cat photographer Masayuki Oki's work example
"see you tomorrow!"

■ High-speed shutter-The secret of "a piece of miracle" One of the features of Mr. Oki's photo is that "the moment of miracle is cut out." For example, a cat is walking on a wall as if it were flat.

Cat photographer Masayuki Oki's work example
"Nyante, Nyano Nya"

The secret to taking a "miracle piece" is the high-speed shutter. Mr. Oki loves a certain professional-use camera that is often used for sports photography.

Cat photographer Masayuki Oki's work example

People who have such a camera usually think, "I want to capture the moment when a professional baseball player's bat catches the ball!" But Mr. Oki got this camera to capture the unpredictable movement of the outside cat.

Cat photographer Masayuki Oki's work example

This "a little different idea" creates a "a little different cat photo".

Cat photographer Masayuki Oki's work example
Change direction!

■ Color sense-This is the only thing that was born with ...
The most distinctive feature of Mr. Oki's photographs that sets them apart from the works of other photographers is their unique sense of color. Beautifully cut out not only cats but also the surrounding landscape. This is the newness of Mr. Oki's work.

Cat photographer Masayuki Oki's work example
"Do you like paws?"

If you do your best, you may learn the technique of getting along with cats. Anyone can buy a camera with a high-speed shutter if they work hard. If you get these two, you may get a little closer to Mr. Oki's photo.

Cat photographer Masayuki Oki's work example

But I think that this sense of color alone is probably something that no one can imitate.

Cat photographer Masayuki Oki's work example

■ "Busyan" is on your smartphone! -Kindle version is now on sale Oki-san's photo book "Busyan" was made into an e-book on June 10th and is now on sale at You can meet Busanyan on your smartphone or tablet, so it's perfect for luxe people who think "If you have a book, your room won't be tidied up" or for a troublesome person who thinks "It's heavy when you move". The price is 1,037 yen, which is more affordable than the paper version.

Busyan, Kidle version now on sale
"Busyan" is on your smartphone!

■ Do you look at Busanyan while drinking coffee? -Photo exhibition "Slow Jet Coffee Cat Exhibition" held
From June 20th, Mr. Oki's photo exhibition "Slow Jet Coffee Cat Exhibition" will be held at the cafe "Slow Jet Coffee" in Kitasenju.

At the photo exhibition, new works will be exhibited, centering on the works recorded in the photo book "Busyan". You can watch the outside cats taken by Mr. Oki in large sizes such as A4 size, A3, and A3 Nobi. If you look at the photos in a large size, you can enjoy finding things that you couldn't see on your smartphone screen.

◆ Mr. Masayuki Oki "Slow Jet Coffee Cat Exhibition" Outline ・ Period: June 20th to 26th ・ Holding time: 7:00 to 23:00 (Sunday from 7:00 to 20:00)
* According to the business hours of slow jet coffee ・ Product sales by Mr. Oki himself: 12:00 to 16:00 (21st undecided)

Visitors will be presented with a cat postcard taken by Mr. Oki. In the product sales, you can purchase the photo book "Busyan" with the signature of Mr. Masayuki Oki. In addition, the July 2016 issue will be on sale from postcards and Nekobi.

Photo exhibition Busyan, announcement image

By the way, maybe some people have twisted their heads to the store name "Slow Jet Coffee". When you hear this name for the first time, you may wonder, "What does a slow jet mean?"

The name of this store is derived from the drip coffee that is carefully put into "slow" after receiving an order and the "jet" espresso that is extracted at high speed with an espresso machine manufactured by Unic France. The cafe "Slow Jet Coffee", which has been widely featured in the media and has recently become a hot topic. If you like coffee, it might be worth visiting Kitasenju just to come to this cafe.

Photo exhibition Busyan request image
"I want you to see the photo exhibition"

Photo exhibition Busyan, please image
"Slow Jet Coffee Cat Exhibition" Slow Jet Coffee
Address:1-29-12 Senjuazuma, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
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