"Brooklyn Lemon" Lemon Sweets
How about "lemon" sweets?

The seasonal sweets shop "Brooklyn Lemon" opens in the popcorn specialty store "Butter POPCORN Shibuya Marui" in Shibuya, Tokyo. Currently, products with the theme of "lemon" are being offered.

"Brooklyn Lemon" opens in Shibuya
Sweets shop "Brooklyn Lemon"

All menus are supervised by Chef Patissier Eguchi of "Pâtisserie & Café DEL'IMMO Akasaka". Based on standard sweets such as lemon tart, the element of "Brooklyn" that is currently attracting attention is added, and it seems that it is finished in a size that can be cheeked with one hand. The author, who loves lemons, has tasted it at a tasting party!

"Brooklyn Lemon" Lemon Sweets
Unpretentious but a little fashionable

Kyun and sour lemon tart

"Lemon tart" (280 yen) is a tart made by squeezing lemon-flavored Italian meringue on cream with plenty of lemon juice. The meringue is also made with lemon, so it's sour at first, but later the butter-scented tart dough wraps it gently. I'm glad that the meringue that melts softly is not too heavy compared to fresh cream.

"Brooklyn Lemon" Lemon Sweets
It is finished with a slight grilling.

This is "Strawberry Lemon Tarti" (360 yen), which is said to have the image of "Strawberry Daifuku". A whole strawberry is put in the lemon tartee. Sweet and sour, which is different from lemon, is added, and the vividness when biting is inevitable.

"Brooklyn Lemon" Lemon Sweets
Limited sale of 50 pieces per day

"Brooklyn Lemon" Lemon Sweets
Strawberries pop out of the meringue

The last is the "lemon cream puff" (320 yen), which is a choux pastry filled with two layers of cream. You can enjoy the crispy texture of chocolate chips and the texture of coarsely chopped lemon peel. It has the least sour taste of the three types, so it is recommended for those who just want to feel the lemon flavor.

"Brooklyn Lemon" Lemon Sweets
It's not just cream puffs

"Brooklyn Lemon" Lemon Sweets
Thick cream is packed

Plump lemonade

And lemonade is the drink that uses lemon. At the same store, "Brooklyn Lemonade" (starting from M size 280 yen) using homemade honey lemon syrup and "Brooklyn Lemonade Jelly" (380 yen) tailored to a jelly with a plump texture are available.

"Brooklyn Lemon" Jerry Lemonade
A new sensation! Lemonade with jelly

Lemonade jelly contains about half a glass of jelly. It goes without saying that lemons go well with jellies and gummy candies, and the jelly that flows smoothly is irresistible. The gentle sweetness of honey is hidden and the lime flavor is crisp and refreshing. This drink is perfect for walking around Shibuya.

All of them are edgy sweets that you can enjoy 120% lemon, contrary to their simple appearance. Not only as a snack for yourself, but also as a casual souvenir. The store will offer sweets with different themes depending on the season, and lemons will be available for a limited time until September 18. Don't miss the lemon sweets that will blow away the heat of summer! * All listed prices include tax, takeout only

"Brooklyn Lemon" Lemon Sweets
The box is also cute!

The store is located on the 1st floor of Shibuya Marui, 1-22-6 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. Business hours are from 11:00 to 21:00 (Sundays and public holidays from 11:00 to 20:30).
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