Pine candy "Nekotoame" with a package of Mitsuaki Iwago's cat photos

The candy "Nekotoame", which is a package of cat photos taken by animal photographer Mitsuaki Iwago, was released on June 21st by Pine Ame Pine. A product that waters pine candy fans and Mitsuaki Iwago fans.

Mitsuaki Iwago's cat photo is a package of Pine Ame's "Cat and Ame"
Mitsuaki Iwago's cat photo is packaged in the pine candy "Nekoto Ame"!

This product is a candy whose individually wrapped package has become a gallery of Mr. Iwago's works. There are 90 kinds of works in all, and you can enjoy the expression of a small but cute and innocent cat. In addition, it seems that one bag contains about 22 candies.

Paiame's "Nekotoame" contents
22 (about) candy in one bag!

There are many ways to enjoy it. For example, it may be unexpectedly fun to hold the "Pine Ame Cup Kawaneko Championship" where you can choose your favorite cat from the works in one candy bag.

Pine candy "Nekotoame", an example of how to enjoy
I wonder if these children are the number one in this ...

You can also enjoy completing all 90 types. But in that case, you have to buy at least 5 bags.

Paiame's "Nekotoame" Contents Example
"If you eat too much, it's bad for your health.

There are three flavors, "Acerola", "Litchi" and "Kiwi". It is already sold at some Lawson stores, but it is said that it will be sold at convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide in the future. The price is around 204 yen (including consumption tax).

Pine candy "cat and candy", flavor example
This is the "kiwi" flavor, not to mention the stable pine candy quality! good!