Rinrin Yamano Lunch Tote Bag

On June 21st, the products of the Felissimo Cat Club will be gathered in the "Felissimo" shop of LaLaport TOKYO-BAY. New products for June will also be on sale.

The first new product in June is "Rinrin Yamano Lunch Tote Bag". It's a compact tote bag that a gluttonous cat recommends for rice. You can put it in a lunch box and carry it around, or you can use it for a little outing.

Rinrin Yamano Lunch tote bag, 2D photo

It is sold only at stores, and the price is 1,200 yen (excluding consumption tax).

The second new product in June is "Tsundere Nyan Die-cut Memo". Cats convey small notes and messages in a cute way. This is a store pre-sale and the price is 400 yen (excluding consumption tax).

Tsundere Nyan Die-cut Memo
"Tsundere Nyan Die-cut Memo" sold in advance at stores

"Tsundere Nyan Die-cut Memo" Variation
Nya to convey a message with Minya

In addition, more than 80 popular items from the cat club, such as the familiar "mini Japanese style cat hozui", "cat sticky notes to play with notebooks", and "pasta for cat lovers Napoli Nyan", are available for purchase. ..

Mini Japanese style Nyasumaro (cat hozui)
Familiar "mini Japanese style Nyasumaro (cat hozui)"

Cat sticky notes playing with notes
Peeping cats are cute "cat sticky notes playing with notebooks"

Pasta for cat lovers Napoli Nyan
For humans! "Pasta for cat lovers Napoli Nyan"

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