"Sleeveless hoodie" "Summer Nyan Garoo hoodie"

"Sleeveless hoodie" and "Summer Nyangaroo hoodie " with a slightly naughty summer design have been added to the "Nyangaroo hoodie" with pockets for cats. You can flirt with a cat even in the hot summer.

"Summer Nyan Garoo Parker" flirts with cats in the summer
"Sleeveless hoodie" for summer "Summer Nyangaroo hoodie" is now on sale.

"Nyangaroo Parka" is a hoodie with a pocket for cats in the abdomen. The structure with the psychology of a cat who wants to sneak into a narrow space is wonderful. If you support the pocket from the outside, you can move it with the cat inside. Satisfy the owner's tender feeling that he does not want to disturb the cat relaxing on his lap as much as possible.

Already released "Nyangaroo Parker"
Reference image: "Nyangaroo Parker" for autumn and winter

Nyan Garoo Parker struck the cat's desire to go into a small space
I'm curious about the narrow space ...

The "Summer Nyan Garoo Parka", which has been released this time, has been devised so that the owner can wear it coolly even in the summer, such as using a thinner fabric than the conventional one.

"Summer Nyan Garoo Parka" uses a thin fabric
It's a hoodie, but it's a thin fabric, a device that keeps the owner cool

We also reviewed the material of the "cat pocket" that holds cats. A soft and soft 100% cotton fabric was selected to make the cat feel comfortable.

"Cat pocket" whose material has been reviewed in "Summer Nyan Garoo Parka"
The material of the "cat pocket" has also been reviewed. The comfort of the cat has also improved!

The price is 6,000 yen (excluding consumption tax). You can purchase it from Amazon.co.jp or Village Vanguard's online store.

"Summer Nyan Garoo Parka" Front & Back