"Kitty Pass" that creates a cat doorway at the door

The "Kitty Pass" is a kit for installing a cat doorway on the door. The cat is happy, and the owner can create a room with a cute "kitten's path".

"Kitty Pass" that creates a cat doorway on the door
"I'll bother you"

The feature is a cute design. The front side has cat ears, and the back side has a cat tail. Even those who visit the house for the first time will know at a glance that this is the doorway of the cat.

"Kitty Pass" front & back
The front with cat ears on the left and the back with tail on the right are both cute!

Many buyers said it was good to be able to move the cat litter box from the living room to the hallway as a result of installing the "Kitty Pass." As you can imagine, do you feel that cats are happy?

Image of a rejoicing cat
"I'm happy"

For installation, cut the bottom of the door by yourself and install the "Kitty Pass". If you DIY according to the procedure, it will be installed in 45 minutes.

"Kitty Pass" installation mount
"Kitty Pass" installation mount: Cut the bottom of the door along this curve

The size is about 19 cm wide and 16.5 cm high, which is a little large. This is a size that cats weighing up to 9 kg can pass through.

"Kitty Pass" is a large size
"Nya who can pass with a margin. I will enter while lying down, so look at me."

"Kitty Pass", dog traffic example
A little narrow dog for dogs

It can be obtained from the US auction site ebay. For those who say that overseas auction sites are high risk, the price will be a little higher, but some furniture stores in Japan also handle it, so you may get it from there.

"Kitty Pass" usage example
"Convenient for room patrol"