"Apotropaic magic plan for your dog" to pray for your dog's health

The "Pet Dog Apotropaic Magic Plan" to pray for the health of your dog is now available at the inn "D + KIRISHIMA" where you can stay with your dog.

"D + KIRISHIMA" now offers "Apotropaic Magic Plan for Pet Dogs"
"Pet dog's evil plan" is now available at "D + KIRISHIMA"

According to the inn, dogs are prone to illness and aging at the ages of 7, 10, and 13, and these years are considered "bad years for dogs" because of the idea that health should be taken into consideration.

The "Pet Dog's Apotropaic Magic Plan" that was launched this time is held at the "Tonoyu Shrine" on the hotel grounds, which is enshrined from the "Kirishima Jingu". It is said that the priest who receives the rank of "Ming floor" will take charge of the dog's mischief.

To be honest, I'm not sure if a dog needs apotropaic magic. However, "D + KIRISHIMA" has an open-air bath for pet dogs that flows directly from the source, a dog run on the premises, and abundant amenities for pet dogs. It may be that I went out as a "comfort trip" to give to my dog (?) Who had been with me for many years and enjoyed the hot springs.

An open-air bath with a dog from "D + KIRISHIMA"
Open-air bath for pet dogs (flowing from the source)

A dog run will also be available at "D + KIRISHIMA"
Dog run too!

Prices start from 31,000 yen for 2 people using 1 room (excluding consumption tax). Apotropaic magic will start at 10:30 am on the check-out day.

"D + KIRISHIMA" room example