Welcome rental housing & single-family homes with cats

MAUHOUSE SETAGAYA has started recruiting tenants for rental properties "Room A" and "Room B" where cats and humans can live comfortably, and selling a single-family house "Small House # 37".

According to the "2015 National Survey of Dog and Cat Breeding" by the Pet Food Association, the number of cats bred nationwide has reached 9,874,000. In addition, the rate of cat breeding intentions is also on the rise, and it is expected that the number of people who keep cats will continue to increase.

However, in rental housing, there are many cases where cats are banned because they are concerned that the wallpaper will be worn out by "claw-together" and that the room will be scented by "marking". MAUHOUSE SETAGAYA started with the aim of changing this situation and increasing the number of places where cats can live.

"Rooms A and B", for which tenant recruitment has started this time, are rental housing aimed at "living comfortably with cats." It is a spacious space where up to 2 humans and 3 cats can live.

Rental housing "Rooms A and B" that welcomes cats
"Room A / B" model

The room is in a maisonette format, and cats can exercise simply by moving through the room. The wallpaper is for exclusive use, and the cushion floor is premised on re-covering. You don't have to worry about cats damaging your room.

A cat staircase "Cat Step" is installed on the wall. Since it can be customized, various ideas can be devised by the owner, such as pasting a cat's favorite material or installing a hammock between steps.

"Cat Step" in "Rooms A and B", a rental housing that welcomes cats
"Rooms A and B" cat steps

The windows on the deck were fitted with doorways for cats. The deck is surrounded by a grid up to the 3rd floor, so maybe the cat will escape? You can touch the outside air without worrying about it.

The single-family house "Small House # 37", which has been on sale, is a three-story property completed in 2004. The 1st floor has a large garage and bedroom, the 2nd floor has a living room with a colonnade, and the 3rd floor has a bath with a jacuzzi, a washbasin, and a loft.

"Small house # 37" bath with jacuzzi
"Small house # 37" 3rd floor bath with jacuzzi

The 2nd floor deck is surrounded by a grid, so you can play cats with peace of mind.

"Small house # 37" deck
"Small house # 37" 2nd floor deck

When moving in or purchasing, you need to follow some rules, such as "doting a cat" and "keeping a claw that your cat likes". Please refer to the "MAUHOUSE SETAGAYA" website for details on property information, preview schedules, and "rules". The website also contains a wealth of videos and images of the company's CEO, Mau, and COO, Macan.

Mr. Mau, President and CEO of MAUHOUSE SETAGAYA
President and CEO Mau

Mr. Macan who is COO