TV remote control for dogs developed by ped food maker Wagg Foods
(Image source: Wagg Foods official Facebook)

British ped food maker Wagg Foods has announced on Facebook that it is developing a TV remote control exclusively for dogs. The prototype is currently being tested.

The feature is that the installation location and size are designed to be easy for dogs to use. You don't have to grab it with your hand like a human remote control, and you can push it with your front legs while it is on the floor.

The color is a combination of blue and yellow. Dogs have colors that are difficult to see, such as red, but the coloring avoids them. The buttons are the dog's favorite bones and paws design. This is probably not for the dog, but for the owner.

According to Wagg, the dog-only TV remote was designed for owners who tend to be away from the room during the day at work. With a remote control, dogs can switch on their TVs and enjoy their favorite broadcasts.

Do dogs watch TV? As you might think, dog-only TV channels have gained some popularity overseas. For example, "DOG TV", which started in San Francisco in 2009, can be viewed in more than 10 countries around the world, including the United States, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. The secret of its popularity is that it broadcasts videos that make dogs happy.

A scene from DOGTV "Relaxation Channel"
Reference image: A scene from DOGTV's "Relaxation Channel" Dogs are also looking for healing?

The image that the dog is pleased with is taken at a camera position that is low on the ground. Animals that move around are often the subject of photography, and dogs are the best.

A scene from a TV program for dogs by DOGTV
The hero is the best dog!

Unfortunately, in Japan, DOG TV broadcasting ended in September last year.