"Too Adult" Coloring Book, "The Working Day" and "Mindless violence"

Recently, the coloring book "Coloriage" for adults is popular. If you visit a large bookstore, you will find a coloring book corner where you can find pops such as "It will release stress" and "You can expect a therapeutic effect".

However, I'm a little worried about the design of the coloring book. In many cases, animals, castles, and the main characters of children's books are used as subjects, but if you are not familiar with these subjects, it is difficult to reach out. For example, if you bought a coloring book for "Peter Rabbit" that appears in a children's book by Beatrix Potter, you can't paint it correctly unless you know the color of the jacket that Peter is wearing. You can easily find it by searching, but it wouldn't be dull and fun.

The perfect coloring books for such people are "The Working Day" and "Mindless violence". A "too mature" coloring book with black humor by British comic authors Jon Link and Mick Bunnage.

Coloring book "The Working Day"
"Too Adult" Coloring Book, "The Working Day"

The theme of "The Working Day" is the scenery often seen in modern offices. The theme is episodes that anyone who works for a company would see on a daily basis, so anyone can quickly become familiar with the world and see at a glance what color to paint. have become.

Hitokoma of "The Working Day"
Paint "a man who sleeps while standing on a commuter train"! There has never been such a coloring book! !!

The feature is that the picture is simpler than the coloring books on the market. This seems to come from the author being a comic writer. For this reason, it is possible to finish coloring without stress in a very short time compared to general coloring books.

"I bought it, but it's boring if I finish painting it right away."

Some may think so. but it's okay. After painting the color, "The Working Day" can be enjoyed by adding a speech bubble to the mouth of the character and adding lines. It seems that it is a work that allows you to find new ways to enjoy yourself, going beyond the traditional coloring book of painting, decorating and finishing.

Hitokoma of "The Working Day"
Imagine what these people are talking about and enjoy ... Isn't it a coloring book anymore?

The other coloring book, "Mindless violence," is so intense that most of it is incomprehensible to the Japanese, or even if it can be done, it is unacceptable. For example, a composition in which a woman holding a plate attacks a man sitting in a chair in the garden and reading a book from behind is adopted in the sketch.

Human frame of "Mindless violence"
"Mindless violence" cover full of humor that Japanese people can't keep up with (?)

Human frame of "Mindless violence"
"I'm just having an affair ... !!"

In some coloring books, a woman aims at a man who moves on a Segway while talking on a smartphone with a bat. Why did this woman have a murderous intention to this man? Are pedestrians scared because of this man? Is a man actually an affair with a woman? Or ...? Either way, or neither, if a woman who has a strong grudge against a particular man does this coloring book, the stress may be relieved.

Human frame of "Mindless violence"
"Rumiko's Kataki! Think!"

I don't know yet about this point, but when it comes to the picture "a person who comes down the slide with a stick and a person who is waiting for it under the slide", why is that so? I don't know at all. However, I feel that people who can relieve stress with this may be considerably ill.

Human frame of "Mindless violence"
"It's a trade-off, it's okay to trade-off."

The authors say, "I want you to paint this heartless picture colorfully and finish it as a" hearty "picture."

Human frame of "Mindless violence"
Is this a "hearty" picture?
how? ??

Colored pencils "12 Double Ender Rainbow Shit Scribblers" that are perfect for these two coloring books will be released soon. It is a set of 24 colors (12 pieces) filled with not beautiful colors such as "sweat stain color" and "asbestos color".

Colored pencils "12 Double Ender Rainbow Shit Scribblers"
The harder it is to say, the more dirty words are jumping

"The Working Day" and "Mindless violence" can be purchased from the MODERN TOSS online shop. The price is £ 10.99. The shipping fee to Japan is £ 10.75 for one book and £ 13.45 for two books at the same time.

"The Working Day" and "Mindless violence" that you can buy at the MODERN TOSS online shop
Both books!

How about a birthday present for a little cynical and "adult" friend?

"Mindless violence" human coma