25th Japan Stationery Awards

The " Japan Stationery Award" is given to the best stationery in terms of functionality and design. This year too, an award ceremony was held at the venue of the "International Stationery and Paper Products Exhibition (ISOT)", and the designphil "knoxbrain LUFT" and Atabo's "decorative manuscript paper Aohisui" were held. Won the Grand Prix.

This time, which is the 25th time, 10 products in the functional / design category were selected as excellence awards from the new and renewed stationery products announced after July 11, 2015. One Grand Prix will be decided from each division.

The knox brain LUFT, which won the Grand Prix in the functional category, is a thin and lightweight personal organizer. It consists of only three parts, a beautiful genuine leather cover, an original back plate, and a ring, and it features a 180-degree full flat opening.

25th Japan Stationery Awards
"Knox brain LUFT" Source: Designphil official website

25th Japan Stationery Awards
Easy to open flat and write

You may have heard the word "system notebook" after a long time. According to Mr. Toyota of the company, the system notebook industry has been sluggish for a long time while the binding notebook has been booming since the bubble era. The product, which reflects the advantages of a personal organizer, is said to have boosted the recent boom in fountain pens and has made the personal organizer even more exciting.

25th Japan Stationery Awards
The development team also has a summer bonus. Congratulations!

The decorative manuscript paper for the Grand Prix of the Design Division is a manuscript paper bordered with beautiful decoration. In addition to the award-winning "Jade", there are various color variations, and you can enjoy the contrast with fountain pen ink. Some people use it as wrapping paper or book covers. Mr. Sagawa, the representative, commented, "I want you to break the image of the conventional manuscript paper and enjoy writing." Certainly it seems that I can write some good sentences!

25th Japan Stationery Awards
The perfect blue color from early summer to summer

25th Japan Stationery Awards
Mr. Sagawa said that he was the most surprised to win the Grand Prix.

According to Mr. Kazuo Kawasaki (design director) who served as the chairman of the jury, the functional department evaluates the one with the three elements of "performance, efficacy, and function", and the design department evaluates the one with the addition of "aesthetic elements". It is said that it is doing. It's exciting to see the happy appearance of the creators who won the fierce battle in the contest, where the number of applications is increasing year by year.

Other award-winning products are as follows. Please pick it up at the store and take a look!

◆ Functional category Excellence Award・ Projector stamp / Amano Seisakusho ・ Brush touch / Umajirushi ・ Ca.Crea Premium cloth / Plus ・ Stand pen case / LIHIT LAB.

◆ Design Category Excellence Award・ Shikiruita / Carl Jimuki ・ Pen in Ruler / Prico ・ Soebumi Paper Fujiyama / Furukawa Paper Works ・Color Gimmick / Max

* ISOT is a business negotiation exhibition, so the general public cannot enter under the age of 18.