Mitsuaki Iwago's goods from "Walking the World Cat" boarding the loft

Animal photographer Mitsuaki Iwago's cat goods will be available in lofts nationwide for a limited time. The cats that Mr. Iwago has met all over the world are designed and sold as stationery and miscellaneous goods.

First-aid adhesive plasters, uchiwa, masking tape, magnets, clear files, etc. are available. All of them are designed with cats familiar from NHK's TV program "Walking the World Cats" and Mitsuaki Iwago's cat photo collections and photo exhibitions.

An example of Mitsuaki Iwago's goods: Adhesive plaster
First-aid adhesive plaster designed by a cat. Would you like to apply it even if you are not injured?

My favorite is stamps. I would like to praise Mr. Iwago's skill in reproducing the work in spite of the harsh conditions that only a single color can be used.

Example of Mitsuaki Iwago goods: Stamp
Cat stamp! The reproducibility is wonderful!

Image that was the source of Mitsuaki Iwago's goods
The image that was the source of the stamp. Does it convey the splendor when compared?

Of course, Mitsuaki Iwago's photo book is also available for purchase.

An example of Mitsuaki Iwago's goods: Mitsuaki Iwago's photo book
"Nya ~~ n ♪"

Currently on sale are "Shibuya," "Futakotamagawa," "Yurakucho," "Machida," "Kokubunji," "Tachikawa," "Yokohama," "Omiya," "Tokorozawa," "Shin Sango," "Utsunomiya Interpark," "Niigata," and "Kyoto." "Nishimiya," "Okayama," "Hiroshima," and "Tenjin" stores. From early July, it will be on sale at "Kichijoji," "Gifu," "Kobe," and "Fukuyama Port Plaza." After August, it will be available for purchase at "Sendai," "Chiba," "Funabashi," "Nagoya," "Abeno," and "Takamatsu."

Mitsuaki Iwago Goods sales office example:
"Shibuya Loft is on the 1st basement floor, stationery miscellaneous goods floor Nya"

The schedule for goods sales may be changed or canceled. We recommend that you contact each store in advance before going out.

Mitsuaki Iwago's goods are on sale at the loft
"I'm sorry if it was canceled"