Remote cat communicator "KITTYO" that you can play with cats wherever you are

It is sometimes said that when a woman living alone has a cat, her marriage tends to be far away. For example, even if I participate in a joint party, I'm worried that "cats aren't lonely?" And I can't concentrate on choosing men. Also, even if you are suddenly invited to stay, you may not be able to take it when you think about the cat's food.

"KITTYO" use case
A woman who can't go home for work, not a joint party ...

"KITTYO" use case
Alone, Okanmuri cat, isn't the owner worried?

I also want to love cats! But I also want to participate in the joint party! "KITTYO", which can be controlled with a smartphone, may help those who are extravagant (?). A cat communicator that allows you to play with your cat no matter where you are.

"KITTYO" use case
"Can you really play?"

"KITTYO" is a device shaped like a small coffee maker. A video camera is mounted on the top, allowing the owner to monitor the cat's appearance from outside. It also has a speaker, so you can call the cat's name.

Remote pet cat communicator "KITTYO" equipment list
Remote cat communicator "KITTYO" with video camera and speaker

When the cat approaches, project a laser pointer. Since the projection position can be controlled with a smartphone, you can move it like a cat and play with a cat.

"KITTYO" laser function
Project a laser pointer when a cat approaches

How to operate the laser pointer
The projection position can be controlled with a smartphone. From the joint party venue, it's a cat!

A cat food holder is provided in the center of the main body. The hole at the bottom is a food outlet, and you can feed your cat from outside.

"KITTYO" feeding function
"I have a lot of rice."

With this, you can rest assured that you will be staying suddenly. You can feed the cat while making rice for the boyfriend.

Cats that ate rice at "KITTYO"
"I got it"

Sales reservations are accepted at Dumore's directly managed online shop "Belt Shop". It is a complete reservation system and the price is 47,800 yen. If you order by July 31, you can purchase it at an early discount price of 39,800 yen (all prices include consumption tax and shipping fee).

"KITTYO", application screen
"Sleeping Nya ... ZZZzzz"