Lana "Wooden hanger Cos-Me Star Wars"
"Today is off after a long time"

"Wooden hanger Cos-Me" with motifs such as Disney movie characters was released today (July 11) on the character miscellaneous goods sales site "Lana Town".

This product is a wooden hanger with only the face of each character designed. By putting on your own clothes, it looks like the character is actually wearing it.

Lana "Wooden hanger Cos-Me Star Wars"
"Yeah, I was in the shift today."

The lineup consists of four series: "Disney," "Finding Dolly," "Toy Story," and "Star Wars." The main body size is H275-300 x W390 x D20 mm. The price is 2,700 yen (tax included) per bottle.

The design of each series is as follows.

Lana "Wooden hanger Cos-Me Disney"
"Disney" that you want to dress fashionably

Lana "Wooden hanger Cos-Me Finding Dolly"
Ordinarily cute "Finding Dolly"

Lana "Wooden Hanger Cos-Me Toy Story"
"Toy Story" After all cowboy best?

Lana "Wooden hanger Cos-Me Star Wars"
"Star Wars" with a fun gap