Buddha statue roll sticky note introduced in "Kyoto Stationery Taizen"
Published "Kyoto Stationery Taizen", which covers stationery in Kyoto (the image is "Buddha statue roll sticky note" introduced in the same book)

The book "Kyoto Stationery Taizen" (edited by Ben Sato), which covers stationery in Kyoto, will be published on July 21st. Introducing stationery unique to Kyoto, such as Buddhist statue roll sticky notes and Buddhist statue masking tape, which are hard to find anywhere else.

Buddha image masking tape introduced in "Kyoto Stationery Taizen"
Buddha masking tape

Masking tape introduced in Kyoto Stationery Taizen
Shinsengumi masking tape too!

This book focuses on stationery in Kyoto, which has never been introduced together. The five-chapter structure of "Folding", "Keeping", "Taking", "Totoning", and "Tashinam" covers various uses of Kyoto stationery.

"Daikakuji Ichiboshi" classified as "accumulate" in "Kyoto Stationery Taizen"
"Daikakuji Ichiboshi" classified as "foldable"

The books feature everything from elegant Kyoto stationery cultivated in history to modern stationery by contemporary designers. This book can be used in a variety of situations, from searching for equipment in the office to searching for gifts for friends.

An original notebook produced at the "Kyoto Typographic Printing Office" introduced in "Kyoto Stationery Taizen"
An original notebook that can be made on the spot at "Kyoto Printing Co., Ltd." You can also put your name on it, making it a perfect gift for your friends.

The appearance is A5 size (208 pages), and the price is 2,200 yen (excluding consumption tax).

"Kyoto Stationery Encyclopedia" cover