"NEBUTA STYLE" Nebuta Lamp
Japan's leading summer festival in the interior

The "Aomori Nebuta Festival" is held from August 2nd to 7th every year. It features a performance by a large group of floats called "Nebuta" and "Haneto" dancing around, and many spectators come every year not only from Japan but also from overseas.

"Aomori Nebuta Festival" floats
"Aomori Nebuta Festival" that attracts domestic and foreign visitors

"NEBUTA STYLE" is a design brand that develops items such as lighting equipment, interior miscellaneous goods, and household goods based on the beauty and vitality of such nebuta. Before this summer, items with unique ideas in collaboration with various manufacturers and artists are on sale.

"KAKERA" is an interior lighting made by reusing the "Nebuta colored Japanese paper scraps = Nebuta fragments" that were actually operated. Since only the parts that use the three major techniques of Nebuta, "Bokuseki," "Waxing," and "Coloring," are carefully selected, it seems that only one to a maximum of 300 can be produced. Variations such as "Aya", "Hana", and "Fan" are available.

Interior lighting "KAKERA Hana" that reuses the nebuta that is dismantled in one summer

New work "KAKERA fan"

Mr. Hiroo Takenami who worked on "Fan" (Nebuta master, Nebuta original)

In addition, this year, a cute lighting "Nebuta Lamp" with a traditional Nebuta pattern on Japanese paper will be released. You can choose from a stand type and a pendant type.

"NEBUTA STYLE", "Nebuta Lamp"
"Nebuta Lamp 530"

"NEBUTA STYLE", "Nebuta Lamp"
Stand type "Nebuta Lamp 320" "Nebuta Lamp 230"

In addition, there are plenty of daily necessities such as Nebuta Face Pack and stationery designed for Nebuta. There are fashionable items that even people who have never seen a nebuta will want.

"NEBUTA STYLE", "Nebuta Face Pack"
Great power! Nebuta Face Pack

"NEBUTA STYLE", "Nebuta Masking Tape"
Lively "Nebuta Masking Tape"

"NEBUTA STYLE", "Nebuta Sticky Note"
"Nebuta Sticky Notes" where each one is a nebuta

NEBUTA STYLE aims to inherit the Nebuta culture by widely disseminating products that make use of Nebuta's unique technology and sensibilities, and by creating an environment for revitalizing local areas and fostering successors. Hoping that this enthusiastic festival will continue for decades, why not keep your Nebuta items at hand?

"NEBUTA STYLE", "Nebuta Sticky Note"

* Products that have already been released can be purchased at the official online shop and the antenna shop in Aomori Prefecture. The store for new summer products is currently undecided.