Record player "Quad Calibrated Turntable" with 4 arms

"Quad Calibrated Turntable" is a Swiss-made record player. It was designed for those who are not tired of "playable records" players and want to stick to detailed settings. To achieve this, four arms are attached around the turntable.

The exterior consists of six red wooden cylinders. A turntable is installed on the large cylinder in the center of the six. The turntable is magnetically floated, providing stable rotation without being affected by ambient vibrations.

A turntable is installed on the large cylinder in the center

Of the remaining five cylinders, four were fitted with tonearms and cartridges. Different settings can be preset for each of these. By selecting an arm that matches the music genre to be played and the characteristics of the LP, you can bring out the best sound without the hassle of replacing cartridges. In the analog world, for example, simply changing the stylus pressure may change the thickness of the bass range. In such a world, it's nice to be able to preset four types of settings you like.

"Quad Calibrated Turntable" 4 arms

The last remaining cylinder has a built-in motor, and its rotation is transmitted to the turntable by a belt drive method. The cylinder with a built-in motor is installed at a place slightly away from other cylinders, and is considered to be less affected by noise and the like.

"Quad Calibrated Turntable" Belt Drive

All cylinders have three height-adjustable metal legs that allow you to fine-tune the height of the tonearm relative to the central turntable.

"Quad Calibrated Turntable" foot

It can be purchased from the US mail order site Hammarcher Schlemmer. The price is $ 94,000 (about 9.7 million yen). After placing an order, it will take about three months before it arrives.