Light shining through curtains and windows
Did you wake up refreshed this morning?

The author who just moved. I'm using the thin vinyl sheet that was originally attached because the curtain wasn't in time, but it's strangely good to wake up in the morning. In fact, it seems that the sleep hormone "melatonin" decreases when exposed to sunlight, which may be due to the brightness of the room.

Then what should I do if there is a curtain? If you don't have a mother who can come into your room and open it, "Mezamashi Curtain" seems to be useful.

The "Awakening Curtain mornin'" developed by Robit is a smartphone-linked automatic curtain switch. Just attach it to the existing curtain rail and it will automatically open the curtain at the time set by the dedicated app.

"Awakening curtain mornin'" operated with a smartphone
"Awakening curtain mornin'"

"Awakening curtain mornin'" operated with a smartphone
Attached to the curtain rail

"Awakening curtain mornin'" operated with a smartphone
Set the time you want to wake up in the app

"Awakening curtain mornin'" operated with a smartphone
The curtain opens at the set time!

The app also has a remote control function that allows you to open and close the curtain from your smartphone. In addition to being able to change the speed freely, it also has a function to share with family. I think it will be used in combination with an alarm, but I feel that my awakening will be much better.

The size of the main body is W56 x H97 x D41mm, and the weight is about 67g (2.36oz). One curtain can be opened and closed with one unit. At the time of writing, it can be purchased from at a special price of 3,985 yen (tax included) to commemorate the release.

* The app is compatible with iOS 8.3 and above, Android 5.0 and above. Please check the compatible curtain rails when purchasing