Birthday card that cats pop out, "Tsundere Nyan card that pops out"

The birthday card "Tsundere Nyan Card", which is a birthday card for cats to pop out and celebrate their birthday, is now on sale from Felicimo Cat Club.

"Birthday cute" version of "Tsundere Nyan Card that pops out"
"Tsundere Nyan Card that pops out" is now on sale. The image is a colorful "Birthday Cute".

A three-dimensional card that pops out when you open the card. You can choose from two types, "Birthday Cute", which is a pop color, and "Birthday Cool", which is easy for men to send.

"Tsundere Nyan card that pops out" Paw pattern print of the part to write the message
"Birthday Cool" that is easy to send to men

There is also a paw print on the part where you write the message. However, the printing is intentionally thin, and it serves as a complement to the message.

"Birthday Cool" that is easy to send to men
Paw, fluffy ...

In addition, "Thank you" that conveys the feeling of gratitude with a heart is also prepared.

"Tsundere Nyan Card that pops out" Thank you version
"Thank you" that conveys gratitude, covered with hearts and covered with cats

Sold as a set with a cream-colored envelope. The price is 500 yen (excluding consumption tax). You can purchase it at the Felicimo Nekobu Web shop or at shops such as Lumine Est Shinjuku, Shibuya Hikarie, and LaLaport TOKYO-BAY.

Tsundere Nyan card set contents that pop out