Nitoms "Korokoro Floor Clean"
Eliminate dissatisfaction with adhesive cleaners

From Nitoms' "Korokoro Floor Clean" series, a new product equipped with a "scut cut" function that cuts the adhesive tape straight will be released on July 21st.

Nitoms "Korokoro Floor Clean"
"Korokoro Floor Clean SC Telescopic"

Korokoro Floor Clean is an adhesive cleaner with two types of adhesive processing, "strong and weak", on the tape part. It can be used on carpets, flooring and vinyl floors without sticking.

In the product released this time, the place to turn the tape is indicated by the orange line, and a new function that cuts straight quickly has been added. It seems that he has resolved the complaints that he had mentioned so far, such as "it is difficult to understand where to turn" and "it cannot be cut straight".

Nitoms "Korokoro Floor Clean"
"Scut cut" function

The tape width is 160 mm, and the handle length can be expanded and contracted in the range of 610 to 970 mm. Spare tape with 3 rolls is also on sale. Both prices are open.